Check out a 3 Day Preview of a Sweet Peas Meals meal plan!

This sample Sweet Peas Meals meal plan will give you a very good idea of the amazing meals, helpful tips, and fun activities you can expect to receive every single week of your Sweet Peas Meals membership.

Every week, we set you up with awesome planning tools (a fridge-friendly weekly menu, a shopping list with everything you need for the week (organized by aisle!), and a 60-minute (or less!) meal prep checklist), amazing meals (dinners, plus optional breakfastlunch, snacks & side dish ideas to help you work through your ingredients and leftovers without eating the same thing every single day), and tons of free, fun bonuses along the way (cocktails!weekend brunch!, sweet treats!)!

Check out the download HERE!Sweet Peas Meals 3 Day Preview